Build your unique story. Get involved. Network.

Building your unique story is building your future. It’s getting involved with campus organizations and participating in community events. It’s allowing you to explore new interests and being the best you can be.

Networking can play a critical role in your long term success and college is one of the best places to make connections with other students and faculty. Networking and building relationships is an important investment and is both rewarding and fulfilling. These connections can help generate career leads, enhance your knowledge, and provide opportunities to collaborate.

Tips on how to network

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    Get Involved

    The world is a competitive place. Your future employers are looking to hire someone who has has been relatively active throughout his or her college career. Ultimately, being involved in different activities at school will make you a stronger and more well-rounded candidate for internships, graduate schools, and job opportunities.

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    Engage with your Instructors

    Your instructors are practitioners with real-world experience and connections. They can serve as a valuable resource and provide awareness of current career and industry trends. Remember to respectfully engage with them to build a connection and gain insights related to your career goals.

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    Reach Out To Alumni

    College students rarely realize the leverage an alumni network can provide. Alumni can connect you with the right people to start or transition your career. Take advantage of the potential to interact with alumni.

Tips to be successful at college

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    Manage Time Wisely

    A common mistake that affects a student’s successful progress in college is their class attendance. Often, students start out attending class daily, but as the semester progresses and their schedule becomes filled with extracurricular activities, their priorities begin to change. Students are encouraged to get involved, but not if it will affect how successful they will be in college. Earning a college degree is preparing you for your future career. If you miss class, you won’t learn the skills need to get the job you want.

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    Seek Help When Needed

    Our goal for IW students is to educate, empower and inspire to lead meaningful lives and careers. To achieve this, the Office of Academic Success and Inclusive Support (OASIS) offers tutoring, group study, a writing specialist, and other academic support services.

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    Internship experiences help students be more competitive in the job market. In addition to gaining exposure and experience in your chosen field, it will allow you to explore the different options your degree can offer you.



Strengthening your skills while earning your degree will help you finish your educational goals and enhance your opportunities. We help each student on their path to degree completion by equipping them with the tools needed for success!


Impress others. Stand out and get noticed through professional development opportunities and building your network!

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    Professional Development

    Iowa Wesleyan University is committed to providing students opportunities to learn about professional life after graduation. One way in which this commitment is lived out is through the Professional Development Series, which is offered each semester. The series is intended to assist students in setting themselves apart from other recent graduates in professional settings. The series includes workshops covering writing cover letters and resumes, dressing for success, interviewing strategies, job searching strategies, and an etiquette dinner.

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    Don't stop at one internship

    Doing multiple internships could prove to be beneficial to you seeking a position in your chosen field. Here are some reasons:

    • Experience: Experience is the key when searching for employment. Listing several internships on your resume will give you an advantage over someone with less experience.
    • Networking: It is crucial to meet as many influential people as possible. You never know when a simple connection could lead to an amazing job opportunity.
    • Reputation: Working for several reputable companies will show your potential employer that you have learned from the best.